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Strong winds and dry conditions are expected to cause some of the most dangerous fires in Berkeley this year, and Berkeley City officials are warning residents to be on high alert. The warning was posted on the Berkeley City Manager's website on Friday and residents are being advised to leave their homes as high winds hit the Bay Area on Sunday. There were reports of downed tree limbs on power lines and power outages in the area, as well as fires.

Be prepared: Get monthly weather forecasts for Berkeley, CA, including daily highs and lows and historical averages to help you plan ahead. So check out our website for the Berkeley City Manager's weather forecast for the next few days. Also read our weather maps, forecasts, weather warnings and other weather information on the Bay Area Weather Channel.

Bodega Bay traffic updates report the condition of highways and roads with real-time interactive maps, including driving conditions, live cameras and live traffic information. We also include weather reports from across California on current conditions in and around the city.

We use IQAir's air quality map to observe the heat - mapped air pollution and wind - that carries air pollutants around Berkeley. The Berkeley Air Quality Monitoring Station follows the data from McMillan Road, and the Berkeley Air Pollution Control District (BACD) monitors the data for the rest of the Bay Area.

On Friday, Santa Ana winds were gusting up to 80 mph in the mountains of Southern California. In valleys above 1,000 meters (1,200 feet), it could reach up to 100 km / h (100 mph) and up to 60 km / h (60 mph), according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

A high wind warning remains in place for the hills of the North and East Bay, where gusts will be strongest. An additional red flag warning is in effect in the San Francisco Bay Area through Friday afternoon. In the Bay Area, winds could reach 70 mph or more in some areas, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The graphs below show weather conditions in Berkeley over the past 3 years as represented by the "F" rating. The F rating indicates that Berkeley exceeded the weighted average for the entire Bay Area, calculated from weighted averages for 3 years. Bay, including San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and San Mateo, is now moderate.

Based on these values, July, August and September are the best times to visit Berkeley for hot weather activities. If you're looking for dry weather, July and August are the hottest months in the Bay Area in the past 3 years. However, if you are looking for a very warm time to visit Berkeley, the hottest months are September, September and October, with August then June and July the warmest.

The precipitation value, based on three hours of precipitation around the hour in question, falls linearly and amounts to 10% precipitation. Based on this classification, the most frequent rainfall this year was rain alone, with the exception of a few thunderstorm days in August and September.

The perceived temperature factors in humidity and wind cooling better reflect how hot or cold a day feels for a person. When you take into account the humidity, the temperature feels more comfortable, except for the coldest winter weeks.

Berkeley gets an average of 25 inches of rain a year, nearly half of which falls from November to March. January is the driest month in the Bay Area and the coldest in California, and July is one of the warmest months in terms of average temperature and humidity. The hottest month on record is January, according to the National Weather Service.

The sky is cloudy and will probably be cloudy, with a high of about 70 degrees and a low of about 40 degrees.

In Berkeley, summer is long, pleasant, dry and mostly clear, and winter short, cold, wet and partly cloudy. In Berkeley, this winter has been short and cold and wet, partly cloudy, with highs of about 40 degrees and lows of about 30 degrees, mostly cloudy, in the middle of the day on Sunday. Summer is longer, pleasant and dry, mostly clear in Berkeley; winter is short & cold & wet & partly cloudy in UC Berkeley.

In the Berkeley region, Weather Underground has produced the most accurate weather forecasts for the Bay Area and the San Francisco Bay Area. In the 11 miles around Berkeley, Berkeley is in the middle of the warmest part of California, with highs of about 40 degrees and lows of about 30 degrees, most cloudy, on Sunday and Monday. Underground weather provides the best weather forecasts for Berkeley and the entire Berkeley County, as well as the rest of Northern California and Southern California.

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